Happy belated New Year everyone!

I know I am 16 days late but I guess “better late than never” right…

I want to start off by saying I hope you all enjoyed your holidays spending time with your family and friends and I hope your year has started off with positive vibes.

I thought I would write down what 2016 has been for me and what I have learnt, alongside some photos taken of me before the year ended at my favourite place, Plaza de Espana!

2016 has been the year for “like, realising stuff.” It was a year of ups and downs, of lots of laughter and tears, of blessings and disappointments. It was a year of great loss for myself, my family and my friends! A year where I decided to take the risk and part my life between Spain and England. It was also a year of incredible experiences and memories. A year we all learned that things don’t always turn out the way we want and that sometimes things can go wrong. And it was proved, with every loss you do gain something else in return.

I cannot wait to see what 2017 has to offer. However, I have begun or AM beginning 2017 feeling really motivated; with lots of things noted down. There are many aspects of my life I want to improve this year; my fitness, my work-life balance, the way I prioritise my social life, my time invested in family and friends and I WANT a kitten but I live with people who fear cats. I’m thinking of just sneaking one in the house and making everyone believe it’s an electric toy.

All jokes aside, I just want to give you all some advice to start off your year on a good note – from me to you – Just remember most importantly, you just have to put your trust in God and have faith that God has put you on that path for a purpose and with gratitude, you will be where you are meant to be. God is the best of all planners. So trust and have faith in The Almighty. And just be happy with everything that is thrown at you. You’re in charge of you. And you will be better than the person you used to be.

Now for the sad news… My laptop! This week has just been falling apart. My laptop is going through a midlife crisis. If you know, can you please tell me how I stop my laptop from turning off every 5 minutes? Do you understand how hard it is to use your iPhone for literally everything you would use your laptop for? Online shopping, reading blogs, posting, listening to music, watching Netflix etc etc. The list can go on! But taking my own advice from earlier, maybe God has something better in store for me. Maybe a MacBook, just maybe.

I want to also apologise in advance if the resolution to these images aren’t as clear. I’m not willing to wait 3 months till I upload a new post so I had to use my phone for this one.

Yours sincerely, Madiya’s Wardrobe.

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  1. Saraa
    January 16, 2017 / 10:39 pm

    Amazingggggg I love your blog
    Looking good as usual

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