Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well. First of all, I want to apologise for my absence these last couple of months. From last April till now has been one of the hardest years of my life, literally. However, I have learnt a lot through the struggles and the difficulties these last 12 months.

  • The way people view you and the way you present yourself is the impression you will leave behind. As you go about the business of carrying out your life people will make judgments about your appearance, personality and capabilities. If you don’t like the way your life is playing out you can always take charge of your own perception of reality. You are in control of you. Not everyone in life is a top performer but they all have the ability to give off that impression.
  • Things are not always what they seem. You can meet someone and they can tell you everything you want to hear without any hint of truth. Anyone can give off any perception they want. The world we see is a reflection of who we are and what we believe. What people perceive is usually what they believe, and this is based on what they hear, see and think. Most of the time we cannot control what happens but we can always control our reactions.

People lie about things everyday in order to evoke a better persona. It’s important to be conscious of your perception, because if you’re not, someone else will create it for you. It’s your life you need to decide how you’re going to live it. Do you.

I’ve finally decided to accept that I am an official hoarder. But only a hoarder when it comes to my clothes! I bought this coat 3 years ago and till today, it’s still one of my favourite essentials to wear. Whenever I’m shopping for wardrobe essentials, I look for versatile pieces that can be styled over and over again, season after season especially when it comes to investment pieces like outerwear – this will always be my fave! I believe a grey wool coat should be one of your three classic pieces your wardrobe craves.

I want to share all of my style know-how with you to hopefully make your lives (and wardrobe struggles) easier.

Grey Wool Coat // I recommend investing in a classic shape that’s easy to wear and looks good with everything. Look for clean lines, minimal detailing, and invest in the best possible quality you can afford. Fabric is everything. Check the inside tag to make sure it’s at least a ‘wool blend’. This means the fabric is warm enough for British weathers and will wear better over time.

Black Skinny Jeans and|or (Trousers) // I currently have 5 pairs of black denim on heavy rotation. They’re pretty much all I wear. I recommend choosing fabrics with a bit of stretch and make sure you get them hemmed (just above the outside ankle bone) if they’re too long. Cropped denim is having a moment and shorter styles look better with high heeled boots and sneakers.

Black Boots // If you work in an office or corporate environment, I’d go with a more structured silhouette. Again, invest in real leather. There’s nothing worse than wasting your precious funds on inexpensive boots. They just about go with every outfit in your wardrobe – although they do ache my feet at the end of the day but they are definitely worth the walk of pain. If you’re on a budget (aren’t we all?) wait until you find a pair of black boots that suit your lifestyle and save up. It took me a very long time to be able to purchase these boots. I made sacrifices along the way and stayed focused on what I wanted.

On another note – this day shooting with @capturedwithsaf in different areas of the Alcazar, Spain was the most exciting one so far. I hope you all take something from today’s post.

Yours sincerely, Madiya’s Wardrobe.


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